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5 Functions
1 - Foam-cleaning
A thick foam for the strongest dirt.
2 - Vaporization
Vaporization, a 160° cleaning to reach the least accessible places.

3 - Vacuum
Use the power of a turbine to suck effectively all what has been removed by foam or steam, thus dehumidifying the operation area.

4 - Lukewarm air blower
A blow of lukewarm air to shorten the time for drying.

5- Atomizer
sterilizing, perfuming, polishing, everything spraying atomized chemicals can do, to make your car as if it were  just come out from the assembly line.

1- Pulizia con schiuma Miniatura
3- Aspirazione Miniatura 4- Soffiante di aria tiepida Miniatura 5- Nebulizzazione Miniatura

Compressore - Compressor Watt 350
Corrente assorbita assoluta - Absorbed power (compressor) Watt 1550
Corrente assorbita (aspiratore) - Absorbed power (vac turbine) Watt 1200
Alimentazione elettrica - Feeding power Volt 220V 1ph 50Hz
Tubo spazzola schiuma - Hose lenght brush cm 400
Tubo aspirazione - Hose length delivery and vacuuming cm 400
Tubo nebulizzatore - Hose length atomizer gun cm 400
Capacità decantatore - Tank capacity vacuumed dirty linquid Lt 14
Capacità contenitore detergente - Tank capacity detergent  Lt  14 
Capacità contenitorre detergente pelle - Tank capacity detergent for leather Lt 
Capacità contenitore liquido nebulizzazioni - Tank capacity chemical to be atomized Lt 
Peso - Weight Kg 33
Dimensioni - Dimensions cm 39x48x83
Agenzia web: Aixberg