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B&C was founded in 1977 for the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of cold and hot water pressure washers. These machines satisfy the demands and rigors of both light and heavy industry such as manufacturing, food and chemical processing, janitorial, construction and farming along with many other industries covering residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Through the years B&C has designed and manufactured a wide range of equipment to satisfy the various needs and demands of the automotive “self service” sector, along with equipment and accessories for automotive repair facilities, automotive detailing centers and auto-body facilities.

The company also manufactures portable self contained units that supply electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power for particularly demanding and difficult situations.
B&C also offers a complete line of wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, sweepers, steam generators, sprayers and atomizers complemented by a complete range of accessories to make even the most difficult cleaning task a “ problem solved “.

All “Hydropress” machines are manufactured, finished and tested ONE BY ONE in the factory of B&C srl in ITALY.
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